Welcome to Pleiades Hotel, Mt. Pelion

Situated on the top of Mt Pelion at an altitude of 1340m., with unique breathtaking sea views on either side of the mountain, the award-winning Pleiades Hotel is a natural resort for those who seek to combine luxury and adventure all year round.
Its close position to the town of Volos (only 30min by car) and the coastline of both the Aegean Sea and the Gulf of Pagasiticos, ensures an abundance of fun destinations within easy reach as well as facilitated transit to and from the Sporades islands, Athens and Thessaloniki.
The hotel name is inspired by the mythical Pleiads; seven sisters who followed in the train of Artemis, the ancient Greek goddess of the Hunt, and ascended into the skies to form the Pleiades open star cluster in the constellation of Taurus.
These blue stars are the most visible to the naked eye in the Mediterranean night skies and many visitors come to our hotel to observe their brightness away from distracting urban lights.

Skiing with a view

Pleiades Hotel, Pelion is the only “Ski-in ski-out” hotel of its kind in Greece.
It is uniquely situated right on the ski slopes at the very centre of the Pelion Ski Resort, thus eliminating the tedious and time-wasting transport to and from the lifts. Our hotel has been designed with a mind to welcome our guests in warm, luscious surroundings, where relaxation and restoration are of the outmost importance.


We offer all our guests free transport to and from the Ski Resort parking for the duration of their stay, on safety-approved snow vehicles (incl. snowmobiles).

KLAOUDATOS Ski Shop & School

Inside Pleiades Hotel there is KLAOUDATOS Ski Shop, where you can rent/buy ski equipment (exclusive representative of ELAN SKI).
Individual or group lessons can be arranged with professional ski trainers.
If you carry along your own equipment, storage and lockers with direct access to the slopes are available in the Hotel.

Pelion Ski Resort

Pelion Ski Resort Agrioleukes was founded in 1967 by the Hellenic Mountaineering Association. It is the sole ski station worldwide with sea views. More specifically the visitors can enjoy vistas of the North Aegean Sea and the peaceful Gulf of Pagasitikos.
The Resort’s proximity to the sea offers the visitor the unique advantage of enjoying both mountain and water sports all year round.

Building infrastructure

Today in Pelion Ski Center work:
5 lifts with total capacity of 2,000 persons / hour
3 overhead (two cars, one two seater)
removal arrow and two sliding
total length of ski runs 7.5 km.
2.5 km. ski descent and
5 km. ski ambulatory.

Parking spaces

There are 3 total capacity of parking spaces 350 car.